Our Work


Mobilizer Bootcamps

DANC works to host mobilizer boot camps for formerly incarcerated people with the goal of providing support and educational resources. There are four main boot camps that have been organized.

Healing From Our Trauma

Justice Through Healing Brings awareness to the types of trauma that impacted, formally and currently, incarcerated womxn and non-binary folks endure and engages their community in continuous healing. It takes inventory of the effects of trauma, oppression, and violence in their lives. We support folks in recognizing when they are uncomfortable or scared in their own bodies, where that comes from. We provide an in-depth understanding of the changes that occur, neurologically, as a result of on-going trauma, resulting in FIGHT, FLIGHT, and FREEZE response. They learn to anticipate triggers, and when encountered, manage them in a way that’s healthy. Self-care is at its CORE.

Artivist Mobilizing: The Art of Storytelling

Provides an artistic platform for folks to use their stories as a lens to humanize their experience. Storytelling allows for an amalgamation of art, organizing, and facilitation, that gives folks various access points and tools to take personal and political steps towards abolition. Storytelling centers and elevates the voices of marginalized communities as a primary method of liberation: FREEDOM, evoking self-reflection and exploration, connecting the observers and participants directly to the experiences of others while using art as a platform to instigate systemic change.

Reproductive Justice (RJ) For Prison Abolition

Deep dive into the origins of reproductive justice as a portal to prison abolition, providing an understanding that womxn deserve to make decisions about their bodies, health, and sexuality. They gain acceptance that it is their human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent children in a safe and sustainable community. Womxn become knowledgeable and empowered to navigate systems when their rights are being violated. Topics range from slavery, rape culture, and sex work to birth control, abortion, and healthcare, to navigating the child welfare system and family reunification.

Independent Living

Provides peer support, in a safe space, to those leaving the criminal justice system and ReEntering their natural community. Individuals are acclimated and learn to independently navigate systems such as identification, entitlements, credit recovery, housing, employment (e.g., solidarity/cooperative economics, etc.), and social service programs within their community.