We are tasked with ending the persecution and punishment of Black Gender Oppressed people not just in our city and state but in our nation. Research shows the majority of those who are incarcerated in womxn’s institutional facilities are survivors of gender and sexual-based violence.

As such, ensuring that faculty and staff are certified in trauma-informed care will create a culture of safer institutional practices by preventing unnecessary trauma and revictimization.

By prioritizing trauma-informed care, unlimited feminine hygiene products for those incarcerated and our youth, and formerly incarcerated mentorship and housing upon reentry, we ground our legacy in liberation, repair and healing.

Our community empowerment is dependent on our self-care, radical healing and revolutionary love.

We are determined to abolish the prison industrial complex by using art as the platform for our movement. We cultivate and preserve culture through political education and the art of storytelling. We are Artivist. We use artivism to expose the violence that currently and formerly incarcerated womxn and non-binary endure. We seek the end to mass incarceration and to stand on a legacy of insurrectionary art.